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"catch them!" Neko heard the marine behind her yelling and she saw the straw hat crew running before her. "Run Neko" she heard suddenly. it was sanji who said it. Neko looked behind her the marines were coming closer. when she looked before her again she saw a big wall "a dead end" she thought. "LETS CLIMB THE WALL!" she heard luffy saying and she sighed. "okay captain" she said and started to climb the wall. she looked up and saw that she almost reached the end off the wall and she started too laugh. her joy was not for long cause one marine shot suddenly and the bullet hitted neko`s leg. "HELP!" she screamed and fell down. "this is it" she tought but it wasn`t, someone grabbed her and hold her. Neko looked up and her eyes met the face from another mugiwara. "z...z..zoro!" she yelled then they hitted the ground and both fainted. the last thing Neko heard was luffy saying: "guys you will always be my nakama!"

"ugh" Neko woke up and started to look around her but there was no sign off zoro. "where am I" she tought. she saw a window and walked to it. "nothing only the sea" she tought "then i must be on a boat". right then she heard someone talking and she walked to the door. "finnaly we captured some pirates again" someone said "yeah but its sad that a girl from 18 is gonna be executed" another one awnsered. Neko stepped back: "executed?" she said to herself "wait then this is a..... MARINE SHIP!" she walked to a corner and fell on her knees. she cried and fell asleep.

suddenly someone slapped neko in the face and she woke up. she looked in the eyes from a very tall marine with a littloe mustache. "ouch" she said and touched the place were the marine hitted her. "i`m carl and i`m gonna axcort you to your new home" he said with a grin that looked very creepy. he grabbed neko`s hand and pulled her with him. "HEY LET ME GO" neko said but the marine didn`t listen. "you you and you help me to excort this girl" he said while pointing at some marines. "HAI!". "hey that girl has a name" neko said. the marine looked up: "i don`t care" he said while pulling up his shoulders. neko looked irritated tothe other side :" baka" she whispered.

in jail everyone looked at neko even the criminals. some yelled at her with horrible words. neko looked down and tears fell on the ground. "aaawww is the pirate girl crying?" the marine said sarcastic "well you will noy stay here for long". more tears fell on the ground but neko didn`t looked up. "DID YOU HEAR ME I SAID IS THE PIRATE GIRL CRYING!" he hitted her on her knee and she fell on the ground still saying nothing. "its good that you pirate`s are here you are low life people!" again he hitted her this tim on her head. but neko didn`t react. "I SAID!" neko prepared herself on another hit but it didn`t came. she looked up and saw that someone was holding the hand from the marine. it wasn`t a marine. the one who held the arm from the marine was someone who was a prisoner. neko started to cry even harder : "ZORO!" she screamed. she looked with tears in her eyes to zoro "i don`t want to get executed" she said and grabbed his hand "please stay with me!". zoro looked in her eyes but didn`t say anything. "enough!" the marine said and he kicked zoro away. "ZORO!!!!" neko yelled. "its okay just don`t get executed." he awnsered. "but..." neko started but the marines pulled her away "ZORO!" she yelled but he didn`t awnser.

"here is your cell" the marine said and he trew neko in a cold cell. "far away from your little friend.". he laughed again. neko stred to the ground. "so how do you know him" he asked but neko didn`t said a word. "aaahhh i see it`s your nakama" he laughed "its good that one off the mugiwara`s is gonna be executed tommorow." he grinned and walked away. neko fell crying on her knees. she tought at the words zoro said to her "don`t get executed." she remembered. she took off her bandana and grabbed some knife loking things: "marines are so stupid" she said and attached the things to her gloves. "they didn`t even took my claws". she smiled and sliced the the locker from the cell and it opened. a little bit hope fulled her heart. she putted on her bandana again and walked into a closet. "i will change clothes and then i will find the execution platform to safe zoro.". some minutes later she came out the closet as a marine.

she ran through jail and searched for the execution platform. "where is it" she said. she didn`t looked before her and bumped into a marine. "sorry" she said. "hey do i know you?" the marine asked. neko looked shocked: "no no i`m new" she smiled. "ah okay" the marine said "were you looking for something?". "eh yeah yeah can you tell me the way to the execution platform?" she blushed. "okay your almost there already just follow this hall and you will see it." he said and pointed at a hall. "thank you very much" she said and ran through the hall. she stopped and looked at the platform blood drupped down from it. "i`m i`m too late" she said and fell on her knees. "NO NO THIS CAN`T BE I DON`T WANT TO LOSE ONE OFF MY FRIENDS!" she cried "WHY!!!!!". tears fell on her trousers. suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and she looked up. it was the marine who lead her the way. neko stood up and fell in his arms : "i don`t want anyone to die anymore" she cried. the marine looked with open eyes to her: "why". "CAUSE I DON`T WANT TO LOSE FRIENDS!" she screamed. the marine hugged her "its okay you may go just escape from her". neko pushed the marine away : "how do you know...". " no time" he said. "just run". neko turned to the exit and ran through it "thanks" she whispered and she took a boat. on the boat she fell again on her knees and started to cry so she felt asleep.

"FIRE" neko woke up. a second after awakning a cannonball hitted her ship. neko ran outside and saw a boat. when she looked better she saw it it was the thousand sunny. "EVERYONE STOP FIREING ITS ME NEKO!!!" the thousand sunny stopped and sailed to her ship. neko climbed aboard and fell in sanji`s arms: "guys i missed you so much!" she cried. sanji putted his hand on neko`s head : "it`s okay". "NO IT ISN`T CAUSE..." before she could finish her sentence someone putted his hand on her shoulder. neko turned around and saw the marine who saved her. neko looked in his eyes and het putted off his cap. neko steepped back but the she realized it wasn`t a dream and she jumped while crying tears off happines in his arms: "ZORO!!!!"
ok don`t ask me
this had to be the manga but i felt the urge to wright it down hehe
a little story about neko and zoro
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