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two girls
one boy
probably 7 or 8
they stood on a path I was walking
"wanna play?" they asked when I came by
I nodded having quite the time
they cheered and smiled
there blue eyes shining
I smiled back and laughed
"what do you wanna play?"
and so the day passed
I played with
two girls
one boy
probably 7 or 8

as I looked at the sun already setting
I said I had to go
they looked at me questionable and asked
"you promised to play with us"
I stepped back
"don't you need to sleep?"
I asked calmly
two girls
one boy
shook there head and smiled
"of course not silly"

I shrugged and walked away
not wanting to make my family wait
but suddenly I felt some arms
two girls
one boy
where holding me
"don't go" they said
"don't leave" they cried
we don't wanna be alone
I pushed them off
maybe a bit rough
but hey I wanted to go home

two girls
one boy
started to cry
I looked bad feeling somewhat sad for them
"I'll be here tomorrow"
I said giving a weak smile
they stopped and looked at me
there blue eyes shining
they nodded and smiled back
two girls
one boy
I left

when I went home
it was like the wind was telling me something
"you're next, you're next"
I felt uncomfortable running home quick

two girls
one boy
where waiting for me the next day
I came by smiling
again they asked
"wanna play?"
I nodded and gave in

days passed as I came every day
not leaving them alone
two girls
one boy
always waiting for me to play
I felt tired
but couldn't leave them alone
"hey guys"
I one day said
"can I stop playing with you"
two girls
one boy
stared at me like I was crazy

"I'm sorry" I said and walked home
at least I wanted to
two girls
one boy
no eyes just blood
"you can't leave now"
they said creepily and grabbed my arm, hips and leg
"we love you so don't go"
I looked at them feeling scared
as they dragged me down
down to the ground
I couldn't breath
I couldn't see
what was happening to me

three girls
one boy
probably 7 or 8
waiting for a new victim
to join there 'lovely' game
the lovely game is depression
I realised that when the people around you are depressed
you'll easily get depressed as well

so THIS is how I'm feeling right now
I'm trying to help people but they're only dragging me down
it's weird...
Hiccupping Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
This is beautiful!
But I'm sorry to hear you feel this way ;n;
Just tell me when I can help mmkaay?
Thoughtful-Stargazer Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ah it's okay I'm fine for now
I just need to ignore those people for now
and hope they're alright

I often get in contact with people who're depressed and I always try to cheer them up
it most of the time works (yeahI'mthebestpsychiaterever)
but it's tiresome
and my mom is forbidding me to draw for others because she wants me to get better and populair or so that's also a bit depressing
but I'll be fine as long as I can talk to people here
Hiccupping Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Im happy if you're feeling happy!

I know exactly what you mean with that!
A few days ago I had to play mister makes-you-happy but I was feelig like crap because I was worrying about my grandma :c
You cant draw commisions?
Or requests?

*waves* same here! Deviantart is my make-happy-feel-good place when I feel like falling with my face on the ground and crawl all the way to my bed and only wake up when the earth is a happy place!
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